New Library,
La Spezia

The construction work for the realization of the New Library of La Spezia ends. The project requalified the Canaletto district by sharing a place dedicated to reading, meeting, study and conviviality.

Architecture and industry

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Tuesday April the 25th, 2017
Cité de l’Architecture & du Patrimoine
7 avenue Albert de Mun, 16ème
Architecture and industry
Research & development shared
Debate moderated by Lionel Blaisse


Living between intimacy and collectivity

Published by Ante Prima and AAM Editions.
This book explores an idea of living and residing divided into intimacy and collectivity.

A Joyful Sense at Work


Design Week Milan
From April the 4th to April the 9th, 2017
A Joyful Sense at Work
5+1AA presents “The Chronotopic System®”
The workplace of the future will reverse the trend: the percentage of static, fixed and unchanging spaces will be reduced whereas a majority of dynamic and changing spaces will appear, so as the radicalization of an articulated and variable space leant or declined in one or more core elements, like an anchor point.


New BNL-BNP Paribas Headquarters
Rome, Italy

The Sky above Asnières-sur-Seine
Paris, France

White in the City


5+1AA for White in the City
“Five senses of White”
Palazzo Cusani, Milan
Design Week 2017
“Five senses of White” interprets the “White in the City” theme through a sensorial experience that places the viewer, and his perceptions, at the center of the project.
The use of materials, essences, different types of materiality, all related to the “white” theme are the leitmotiv of an exhibition which has the will to stimulate all the five senses.


New Library
La Spezia, Italy
public buildings

Allestimento d’interni della sede
del Gruppo La Poste
Paris, France



On the occasion of the Exhibition and the architecture meeting at the Arsenali Repubblicani of Pisa: 5+1AA. A new magic realism.
Presentation of the book
“Les Docks de Marseille”
AAM éditions, Anteprima, Marsilio Editori


Awards 2017

450 participants, 28 projects selected and 14 winners per category.
5+1AA wins in the Workspace category with the project of the new BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters in Rome.



Alfonso Femia / 5+1AA
Participates to “in-contest, competitions that make culture”
April the 6th, 2017
Fuorisalone, Isola Design District
Event organized by the creative studio Superficial


Il Cielo di Roma

The new BNL-BNP Paribas headquarters have been shortlisted for the Mipim Awards. For this occasion, a video has been produced with The Piranesi Experience, under the direction of Ernesta Caviola and Claudio Esposito.

5+1AA on Architetture in acciaio

Press Review

The March number of “Architetture in acciaio” publishes an article on the directional project of the new BNL- BNP Paribas headquarters signed 5+1AA.


The Sky above Asnières-sur-Seine

Six months after its realization,
“The garden of Gabriel” has been shortlisted for the Mipim Awards.
A video, made by 5+1AA, narrates, through Luc Boegly’s photos, the dialogue between light, location and matter of this urban intervention developed for Eiffage Immobilier and Coffim.

5+1AA on Platform

Press Review

The magazine “Platform”, in its February number, publishes an article about the residential project of The sky above Asnières-sur-Seine signed 5+1AA and ended in June 2016.